Lime grit

kalkgrit für geflügel
Sack Kalkgrit

Lime grit - for the long-term and continuous supply of calcium to your poultry

Because chickens don't have teeth, they swallow the food they pick up whole. In order to be able to digest the food, however, the chicken needs small stones that grind the food in the stomach. This allows the nutrients contained in it to be better utilized and any constipation to be counteracted. Compared to lime flour, the grit dissolves more slowly in the stomach and therefore stays longer in the poultry's organism.

Limestone grit consists of these important stones, which are extracted from the Upper White Jura and are accordingly rich in calcium. Calcium is not only important for growth, but also for stable egg shells. A calcium deficiency leads to brittle shells or eggs without a shell (wind eggs). In addition, it provides employment for the chickens, which can improve social behavior.

Dosage form: freely available in a bowl or sprinkle loosely in the outlet

2,5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg
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Your advantages

  • Grinding function to support better digestion and nutrient utilization
  • High calcium content for good growth and formation of a firm eggshell
  • Activity material


Calcium carbonate

Analytical constituents and contents (per kg)

  • Calcium: 37 %
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