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Feed lime - for short-term coverage of calcium requirements

Every chicken owner is happy when their hens lay eggs regularly. In order to effectively support egg production, the animals must be supplied with sufficient minerals. Calcium plays a special role here.

Lime powder is absorbed into the blood faster than coarser lime grit. In this way, it can compensate for acute calcium deficiency, which is noticeable, for example, through a soft eggshell. However, the fine lime is excreted again relatively quickly, which is why an additional dose of coarse lime, e.g. in the form of lime grit, is recommended. Since the poultry instinctively only takes in the amount of lime it needs, overdosing is not possible.

Dosage form: mix into the wet or soft feed; if necessary, also offer loose as a mixture with lime grit

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Your advantages

  • For short-term and rapid coverage of calcium requirements
  • Important for the formation of a solid eggshell


Calcium carbonate, calcium sodium phosphate, sodium chloride

Analytical constituents and contents (per kg)

  • Calcium: 34,50%
  • Sodium: 1,40%
  • Phosphorus: 1,30%
  • Magnesium: 0,00%

Additives (per kg)

  • Zinc as zinc oxide (3b603): 450 mg
  • Manganese as manganese (II) oxide (3b502): 270 mg

Feeding recommendation

  • Laying and breeding hens: 5 - 10 g / animal / day
  • Breeding ducks, geese, turkeys: 10 - 20 g / animal / day
  • Pheasants, pigeons: 1 - 4 g / animal / day
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